Help and Documentation

Links to useful reference materials for CloudSpace developers and users.
  • User GuideAn interactive user guide that contains live demos of ZK components in action, along with source code
  • Reference ManualA description of the ZUL markup language and the ZK user interface components
  • ZK JavadocAPI documentation for the Java classes that implement ZK

Recent Work Gallery

Gallery of public student pages created using Cloudspace.

Installation and Evaluation

Whether you want to try CloudSpace locally on your personal computer or adopt CloudSpace for classes you teach, the following links will help you set up CloudSpace to fit your needs:
  • CloudSpace Project PageAccess the CloudSpace source code and bug tracker hosted at Google Code
  • DownloadsDownload the deployable application WAR file and other support files
  • Installation GuideWalk through the CloudSpace system requirements and process for setting it up